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Astrum SD300 okos hűtő légtisztító és baktériumölő fehér

Astrum SD300 okos hűtő légtisztító és baktériumölő fehér
Astrum SD300 okos hűtő légtisztító és baktériumölő fehér


Solution to food freshness and safety for a longer period is here, Astrum introduces the Smart Refrigerator Deodorizer for all types of fridges and deep freezers. This amazing new technology keeps your food stored in the refrigerator fresh and smelling good for longer, whether its fruits, vegetables, sea food, cooked food and others your food stays fresh for longer than the period its should stay in the fridge.

It also kills germs, virus and other unseen elements which cause you refrigerator to ooze bad odour, thereby taking out all unpleasant smells in the fridge, plasma oxidation technology allows for the production of large air oxidation which keeps your fridge properly oxygenated, which thereby keeps food freshness all day long.

Its small portable and compact size make it easy to fit into any refrigerator compartment it is placed, exactly the size of a small apple it takes no space in the refrigerator thereby making more space for other items to be placed in the fridge. Easy to install no wires no fuss, it is powered small by alkaline batteries.

The smart deodorizer also comes in many exacting color depending on your color preference, mood, style, like orange, green, white, coffee, and blue. The best in market keep your food fresh for longer and don’t worry about bad odours in the fridge as long as you have this wonderful piece of technology.

Weight 192g (Approx)
Active Oxygen Output 0.05pm
Power Consumption 0.6W
Voltage DC 3V
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 87mm (L x W x H)
Working Mode Green indicator on
Standby Mode Green indicator blinking
Insufficient Power Red indicator flashing
Package Contents Refridgerator Deodrizer I Battery x 2pcs I Manual

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