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Gegeszoft Kft is a leader wholesale company of mobile phone accessories and spare parts in Centre of Europe. We keep on stock all type of accessories and parts such as batteries, chargers, headsets, data cables, cases, bluetooth headsets, cases, screen protectors, LCD displays, digitizers, flex cables, covers, charger connectors, buzzers, ringers, memory cards, power banks, headphones, bluetooth speakers, senior phones, temperes glass screen protectors, etc.
We strongly beleive that with quality products and with quality service we can build a long term business relationship with our partners. 

We are exclusive and official distributor of ASTRUM accessories, MAXCOM senior phones and official distributor of TOSHIBA memory devices, MERCURY (Goospery) cases, ANDIDA high capacity batteries. 

For more informations please visit: www.maxcom.huwww.astrumltd.hu